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Best Informative Facts About PPI

PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) is contemplated to fend all your debt compensations provided if you are employed. PPI compensates the liability for those who turn out to be redundant, met with an accident, bedridden due to illness etc. This is often termed as loan protection insurance. Students, unemployed, self-employed people will not be covered under … Continue reading

Debt Funds Vs Term Deposits: Benefits and Drawbacks

Debt Funds and Term Deposits should occupy significant share in any investor’s fixed income portfolio. Term Deposits are issued by banks and in the US, they are called ‘Certificate of Deposits’ (CDs). Debt funds are issued by Mutual Funds and in the US, they are called ‘Bond Funds’. CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT (CDs) Benefits of Certificate … Continue reading

Where to Get Help when You are in Debt

Are you in a financial distress because of your high-level of debt? You are not alone. You can seek and obtain necessary assistance or guidance if you know where to get one. An informed decision and action will surely spell a difference. But where can you actually seek and get help regarding your debt problems? … Continue reading

Establishing Debt Repayment Plans

Paying off debt can be a tremendous burden when you also have to pay a high mortgage payment. You cannot avoid making your mortgage payment, so the next choice is to consider debt repayment plans. This will allow you to pay off your debt while still being able to make the payments on your home. … Continue reading