How to Save Money By Reducing Your Home’s Risk

Owning a home gives people a sense of security. Having a place to go that is comfortable and safe–where you can relax and enjoy yourself after a stress-filled day is gratifying. In order to be able to continuously enjoy that feeling, you need to be covered by insurance, so if something happens you’ll be able to make repairs and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, insurance coverage isn’t cheap, so you need to find ways to save money. Following are a few tips on how to do that by reducing your home’s risk.

Spend to Save

At times the best way to save money is to spend a little bit first. If you do it correctly, you’ll end up having to spend less in the future.

Home Security

A good investment that will ultimately pay huge dividends is to put in a state-of-the-art security system. By installing a home security system, your insurance premiums will undoubtedly go down, providing the system truly improves the security of your home. The best kind of security system is one that has an alarm that rings directly into a home security business that is monitored 24/7. An alternative would be to have the alarm ring directly into a police station that is manned at all times. An alarm that simply rings on the premises will lower your rates a little, but if your alarm will bring an immediate, armed response, your premiums will drop significantly.

Fire Safety

Another alarm system that will reduce your insurance premiums by a fair amount is a fire alarm, especially if it rings directly into a manned fire station. If that station is within a short distance of your home, your rates will go down even more. You can also reduce your insurance costs by installing a sprinkler system in your home. In most cases, anything that you do to help prevent a fire, or improve your home’s ability to survive one, will reduce your insurance premiums.

Install Deadbolt Locks

Another way to save money on insurance costs is to install deadbolt locks. The locks should be mounted on all exterior doors, including a garage or any outbuildings you may have on the property. Deadbolt locks will serve as a deterrent to a break in, much more so than a more conventional locking system, and thus reduce your insurance premiums. Once a thief realizes you he will have to take the time to defeat a deadbolt lock, which isn’t an easy matter, they will usually move on to easier pickings. When installing deadbolt locks on your doors, you should also put them on your windows. This type of lock on a window means it’d be much easier to simply break the glass, but the noise would attract unwanted attention, so the thief will most likely move on. Just to be on the safe side it wouldn’t hurt to install shatter proof glass. These types of improvements, although not cheap, will reduce your insurance costs by quite a bit, and over a long period of time you will end up saving money.

Motion Lights

If you put in motion lights, you can also save money on insurance costs. Lights of this type come on automatically if they sense movement within their area of coverage. Having a light suddenly come on will discourage a thief who is skulking around your property. Motion lights serve the dual purpose of improving the safety of visitors by illuminating your walkway. Another cost-saving option is to put in solar-powered lights along the walkways and around your patio. These safety features could significantly reduce your liability insurance costs.

Protection from Natural Disasters

Living in an area that is prone to flooding, tornados, hurricanes, or other natural disasters can cost a lot of money in insurance coverage. In order to save money, you can improve the safety of your property. If your property is consistently bombarded by high winds, you can lower your insurance premiums by installing storm-proof shutters on your windows, or a wind-resistant roof. Weather-sealing your basement can prevent water leaks in flood-prone areas and will also reduce your insurance premiums. It would be a good idea to talk to your insurance agent about ways you can improve your home’s safety features.

Guest post from Casey Lynch. Casey writes about home insurance for


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