Posted in March 2012

Some Facts About Debt Relief Scams

Many people today believe that debt relief companies are scam artists who are out to make a profit off of others’ misfortunes. The truth is that there are some companies who do fall into this category. However, there are many very reputable companies who offer debt management and relief solutions that are designed to help … Continue reading

Major Financial Pitfalls to Avoid Debt While in College

With the rising costs of tuition and textbooks, college is more expensive than ever. Unfortunately this has resulted in the majority of students graduating with significant debts. Some debts are of course unavoidable when you are pursuing a certain career path, such as law school tuition, but you can still reduce your vulnerability. To decrease … Continue reading

Debt Consolidation Loans

The struggle to pay off credit card debt is a common one. Many people who carry high balances on their credit cards have at one time or another transferred balances to a new credit card either to avoid having to make a credit card payment one month or to benefit from a temporary low interest … Continue reading